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Free USB Device Monitor

Monitor and Analyze Your USB Ports, Devices and Applications

Free USB Device Monitor allows you to intercept, display, record and analyze all the data transferred between any USB device connected to your PC and applications. It can be successfully used in application development, device driver or hardware development and offers the powerful platform for effective coding, testing and optimization.

This product, which is developed by professionals in the area of USB communications, will help you to save time, money and precious nerves, as it already helped our partners.

We will take care of monotonic digging in protocols and data flows. Concentrate your brilliant skills on your project, do your job with pleasure!

This is a completely software solution, no additional hardware is required.

HHD Software Latest News
Product Updated

Hex Editor Neo 4.81 has been released today!

It introduces full operation history tree window, new customization system as well as a lot of other new features and updates.

Product Updated

Hex Editor Neo 4.75 has been released today!

It introduces revised operation history, new customization and display options and improved performance. It also fixes reported bugs and crashes.

Product Updated

Hex Editor Neo 4.73 has been released today!

It introduces the full support for Windows 7 Beta, new file formats for structure viewer and improved performance and reliability.

Product Updated

Hex Editor Neo 4.72 has been released today!

It introduces an x64 disassembler.

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User Testimonials
Mike Muecke

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the new monitor software. WOW!

I wish I'd had this years ago as I've developed about 20 USB devices and the corresponding drivers going all the way back to the original V1.1 era. At least I don't have to deal much with blue screens anymore (mostly).

I never understood why a CATC type hardware monitor was required. Your product seems easier to use and is a much better value. Thanks for the excellent support also.

Hints and Tips
USB Device Information

Click on the device in a list to get its device descriptor, configuration descriptor, HID Report descriptor for HID-compatible devices and the list of dependent devices, the operating system may configure for the USB device.

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