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User Testimonials

You have a very useful and well-designed product. Keep up the good work.

Don Whitbeck

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the new monitor software. WOW!

I wish I'd had this years ago as I've developed about 20 USB devices and the corresponding drivers going all the way back to the original V1.1 era. At least I don't have to deal much with blue screens anymore (mostly).

I never understood why a CATC type hardware monitor was required. Your product seems easier to use and is a much better value. Thanks for the excellent support also.

Mike Muecke

It worked! And it was straightforward and easy to use at a time when I didn't have time for manuals with a deadline bearing down on me.

Saved my bacon, thanks very much. Nice bit of kit.

Mark Lee
Software Engineer

Top class product. Saved my day in detecting speed of my USB devices.

Alvaro Gini Calusta

Thank you. Your tools are really awesome too I recomend them to every company I go to or do work for. Keep up the good work!!

Mike Pulice

Thanks for the quick response, I do not get help that quickly from other software companies.

Paul Sweezie

I have been evaluating your Serial Port Monitor for about one week now, and find it the best product of its kind that I have tried. I am also looking at the USB monitor program and the network monitor.

Roy J. Gromlich
Senior Engineer

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